A friend of the community since Christmas Day 1941. 
Music format: Oldies, Hot Country, Spanish.
KFUNONLINE1230.COM  Broadcasting New Mexico Music!
8 a.m. to10 am  Local Talk Show  "Over The Back Fence" also
Streamed World Wide over kfunonline1230.com

1pm-4:30pm Live NM Music with The Roadrunner
4:30pm-6am Streaming NM Spanish Music 

I-25 is directly at the bottom of KFUN hill

Las Vegas, New Mexico is the original Las Vegas. First established in 1835 and the original home
of the Luis Maria Cabeza De Baca(Vaca) Land Grant

This was a large land grant to Don Luis Maria Cabeza De Baca and his seventeen sons by the Spanish and Mexican government dating back to the territorial days.

The Baca name (Cabeza De Baca) is a well established Spanish name in Las Vegas and New Mexico history

Joseph P. Baca, owner of KFUN/AM 1230 and 100.7 KLVF/FM  is a direct descendant of Don Luis Maria Cabeza
De Baca.

Joseph and wife Loretta both natives of
Las Vegas, New Mexico, are very happy to
own KFUN and KLVF radio stations. They say:

"We are extremely proud to own KFUN And KLVF radio stations the first and original radio station in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

KFUN is recognized as being the sixth (6th) oldest radio stations in the entire state of New Mexico.

The Baca's say: "We are blessed to have our two sons and daughter working with
us as a family owned business".

"KFUN is an important part of Las Vegas
and Land of Enchantment's rich history.

KFUN/AM 1230
KFUN/FM 103.7

KLVF/FM 100.7

Call 505-425-6766

Fax 505-425-6767

Email: jpbaca1946@yahoo.com