J.P. Baca,

Mon. - Fri. Starting at 7:30 a.m. Listeners from around the world keep in touch with the people of Las Vegas, current events, local sports, and much more as they tune in to our streaming service at KFUNONLINE1230.COM. We invite listeners to email your comments to JPBACA1946@YAHOO.COM.  

Start your morning off with J.P. Baca. Up to date news, weather, music and much more.... Then listen to "Over the Back Fence", a community oriented radio talk show.

"Over The Back Fence radio talk show was first started by Mr. Dennis Mitchell 40 years ago. The program has a very large dedicated audience  at home.

The program features a variety of guests. From local movers and shakers in the community. Business owners, teachers from all area schools of higher learning. Doctors of education from New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas Schools, West Las Vegas Schools, Luna Community College, and the United World College. People who want to know what is going on in Las Vegas, listen to "Over The Back Fence" on KFUN/AM 1230 & KLVF/FM 100.7.

Pat Leahan

Pat is the host of Community Peace Radio broadcast every Saturday from 10: a. m. to 11: a. m. over KFUN/FM 103.7, KFUN/AM 1230, KLVF/FM 100.7 

JR Baca

JR's Noontime Oldies Buffet 
Listen to JR's Noontime Oldie Buffet every weekday from 12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m....
on our sister station KLVF/FM 100.7....

His Rock & Roll Oldies show cannot be matched by any other radio station.

J. R. Baca is the type of radio personality that simply draws people to him. He is delightful on the radio, knows what oldies people love to listen to, and he is a fantastic sales representative. He is there to please his audience and to serve all his business clients.

HO, he is also good looking, just like his dad. But don't tell him. HA HA HA...

Mike " Roadrunner" Baca

The Roadrunner, Mon. thru Fri., 1p.m. -4:30p.m. 

Join the Roadrunner for the Spanish Progam Monday thru Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm... His Spanish show is truly a New Mexico style radio show. The Roadrunner
features interviews with New Mexico artists. KFUN is the first and only local radio station to broadcast New Mexico Spanish music and a variety of Spanish music around the world at www.KFUNonline.com. Since the Roadrunner Spanish show is heard to all ends of the world, he quit often receives calls from listeners from every corner of the world who want to hear their special song or send out a dedication to their family members back home in Las Vegas and around New Mexico.

I call myself the Roadrunner because if I get someone upset with me, they can't catch me. If they do catch me, they can't shoot me because I am protected. The Roadrunner is the official New Mexico state bird.  By the way, for those of you who may not know, KFUN is situated high atop a mesa over looking the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico at an elevation of 6,500 feet, where it is said that the ruts of the Santa Fe Trail can be seen. Once in a while, we are blessed by the sight of a real live New Mexico Roadrunner which roams the open landscape on top of KFUN hill.
To those of you listening to KFUN  we thank you. GRACIAS!.......

Loretta A. Baca, 

Host of the radio talk show, "Let's Talk About It" Every Tuesday 8: a.m to 9: a.m. You never know what topics Loretta and her co-hosts Yolanda and Reene will discuss.

Co- Owner/Partner, office manager. Got questions about our advertising rates or

station policies? Loretta will answer your questions with a friendly smile.

Call 425-6766.